Instructor Dashboard
Instructors can set up peer feedback assignments, set due dates, customize reviewer prompts, create reflection prompts for authors, review student work/student feedback, and view analytics.

Feedback Space
Students can submit their work-in-progress, provide feedback to other students, and view feedback they receive on their own projects through the following features:

Project Author Prompts
Instructors can customize prompts that authors must address when they submit their work-in-progress for review, guiding project authors through a reflective process.

Multiple-Media Formats
Project authors can upload their work-in-progress in most file types (i.e., text, image, audio, video, links).

Peer Reviewer Prompts
Instructors can customize prompts that reviewers must address, prompting thoughtful and specific feedback.

Contextual Feedback
Reviewers can provide contextual feedback (e.g., annotations in documents, time-coded comments with audio/video).

Threaded discussion enables comments between project author and reviewers.

Student Dashboard
Students can create and maintain a profile, set reminders, and view up-to-date information regarding what reviews need to be completed and when.

Instructors can track specific actions (e.g., timestamp for work submitted, time spent on task, length of each feedback response, prominent themes across reviews) that can be used to guide future instruction and better support student learning.

Students can set up reminders and alerts for work submission, completed reviews, and new discussion comments posted by reviewers or project authors.

Users earn points and badges for various activities (e.g., submitting work on time, completing reviews, providing a useful tip or helpful feedback).

LTI Integration
Critique can be easily integrated into the top five LMS platforms, which comprise nearly 85% of the market in higher education.

Instructors using Critique outside of an LMS can easily invite and register students to their course.

Users can access Critique from any Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Users can submit their work and provide reviews through native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.