What is it?


How it Works

Why Round3?

  1. Round3 increases productivity of instructors by saving them time.
  2. Round3 improves student performance by providing students more feedback, and time to revise and improve their work.
  3. Round3 facilitates higher quality peer feedback and student work.
  4. Round3 promotes self-reflection and metacognition.
  5. Round3 creates a digital record of student work over time, reflection, and feedback.
  6. Round3 provides educators with learning analytics.
  7. Round3 allows anytime, anywhere peer feedback.

Why Peer Review?

Research on classroom assessment has found that feedback on work-in-progress (also known as formative feedback) has apositive effect on student performance. One problem teachers face in giving formative feedback is the incredible amount of time it requires. Large enrollments in most teachers’ classrooms limit teachers’ ability to provide this type of important feedback to students. However, research has found that peer feedback in formative assessments can be highly effective. Peer feedback has been shown to:

  • Reduce teacher workload in the feedback process whileenabling faster and more frequent feedback from peers

  • Enhance student learning

  • Promote critical thinking and design thinking

  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration around course content