Round3 is a web app focused on improving work through peer feedback and documenting growth over time.


Educators and administrators report that Round3:

  • Documents student work and feedback at different points in a project cycle
  • Captures evidence for student agency, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • Enables earlier support and intervention during a project cycle, resulting in higher quality work.
  • Provides context for meaningful discussions about what high-quality feedback looks like
  • Supports their focus on teaching and practicing a feedback and revision process

Users also love the asynchronous nature of tool, including the ability to:

  • Review work and feedback when it is convenient
  • Review student work and feedback during a student or parent conference.

Indiana Graduation Pathways

Round3 offers a solution to the new Indiana graduation pathways requiring students to learn and demonstrate employability skills through a project, service- or work-based learning experience. 


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