Feedback from Users

Simple to use. Access anywhere.
— Student, IU Kelley School of Business
The system [Round3] worked flawlessly and I am confident we can scale to 1200+ students in the upcoming semesters.
— Pilot Instructor, Kelley School of Business
One clear benefit from my perspective: the comments they are getting are DOCUMENTED. Get so frustrated when students don’t take notes. And, they can go back and reference them at any time.
— Pilot Instructor, University of Notre Dame
It really helped me figure out how I could make my own project better and more thorough and I also got great ideas from a few people of how I could improve.
— Student, University of Oklahoma
I liked that it was easy to use and it guided your critique.
— Student, University of Oklahoma
I like how students can focus on receiving feedback on a particular issue or concern they have about their project.
— Student, University of Notre Dame
I liked the specific questions that I could ask my reviewer to look over.
— Student, University of Oklahoma
[I liked] having prompted questions so it was more structured.
— Student, IU Kelley School of Business